Dr. Jorge Warbedian

Dr. Jorge Warbedian T. has more than twenty five years of professional experience in Plastic Surgery.

He started working at the “Urological Centre” and the American Policlinic of Caracas, and as a General Director and member of the Foundation of the Surgical Unit and Hospitalization; and is member of the International Society of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Warbedian is venezuelan and his parents are from Armenia. He begins his medical studies in the “Escuela de Medicina” School of Medicine “Luis Razetti” at the Central University of Venezuela. He graduated in 1969 in medical surgery. Further on he continues his studies in the Oncological Bording College “Luis Razetti” and the “Pérez Carreno”.

During 1971 and 1975, he persued post- graduate studies in plastic surgery in Argentina with Dr. Hector Marino (pioneer and world wide known doctor Professor Ivo Pitenguy).

Furthermore, he did internships of Aaesthetic Surgery with Dr. Ivo Pitanguy in Brazil. During his professional development practices different plastic surgery technologies and procedures with known international doctors such as, Dr. Jack Ching, from the city of San Francisco, California; Dr. Ralf Milard, from Miami, Florida and the Dr. Thomas Rees from New York. During 1982, he persued specialization studies in liposuction method invented in 1981 by Doctors Pierre Furnier and Jean Jak Illouz.

Pioneer in Venezuela

Once in Venezuela he becomes well known by this revolutionary system of liposuction, lipoinjection, liposculture, permanent alignment, colagenum application, laser-rays, corrective plastic surgery; correction of bad implemented surgeries.He also has trained and collaborated in the

Aesthetical Health Center of Venezuela. Dr. Warbedian has fought against incorrect practices and technical procedures and products, that will result in bad praxis.

One of his latest success is campaigning against the use of biopolymers that may cause irreparable damage to humans. He has exposed publications, declarations and correspondence to the different

government institutions that were responsible for evaluating and following up on the process and techniques applicable in the country.

He made the following institutions aware: Ministry of Health and Social Assistance, School of Medicine, doctors and others. This resulted in a Presidential Decree published in the Official Gazette N°034, on February 5th, 2001. This decree forbids the use of infiltration of biopolymers in human beings, no matter what the reason.


He uses procedures that are state of the art in the areas of aesthetical and plastical fields such as: ultrasonic liposculture, different aesthetical implantation, lypoinjection, laser-rays on “varicose veins”. He created a Medical Center of Aesthetical Medicine for obesity, nutrition, cosmetology, mesotherapy , alternative therapies, to name a few. All these treatments were done with advanced high tech and equipment in the aesthetical field of our country.

International Achievements

The growing professional achievements of Dr. Jorge Warbedian has reached Europe, specially in Spain. In June of 2001, a multidisciplinary team founded the surgery, aesthetic and beauty institute. In this institution he proposes, exposes, and implements the aesthetical medicine and universal surgery. During this period he is well known worldwide, as a plastic surgeon.